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Thank you for visiting our website of one of the top security companies in Louisiana. We hope that when you are considering new or replacement private Louisiana security services you will think of us first. We will look at your business as our own. We've been doing that for clients for over 20 years! 
History has shown that the need for adequate security is proportional to the condition of the economy and in particular to the unemployed among us. These individuals are and will be desperate to get what is easily available or left unattended. The presence of a professional uniformed security officer is a deterrent to petty crime and a preventative measure to more sinister activities when procedures are in place to eliminate the opportunities.
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Armed and Unarmed Security Services

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At Tracer we take your site or business to be a unique entity with unique security problem areas. We will provide a security profile to suit your requirements and work with you to design procedures that make sense. This is not just another warm body security provider!
We know that all guard services are only as good as the training that each security officer receives. That is why we drug test, background check, and provide classroom training for each qualified applicant. Only then do we submit them for licensing to the Louisiana State Board of Private Security Examiners.
We also provide specialized training such as CPR, Crisis Prevention and more as is required for their successful performance on your site.
Take a look through our pages and see why Tracer Security is the right choice for your professional armed security services.